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The Story of Calita Studio

Jewelry is for everyone and we want everyone to find a piece of themselves in Calita Studio.

Calita Studio was created to inspire women to make their own trends and be innovators of style so they can embrace all of whom they are without apologizing for it.

Meet the founder

CALITA STUDIO JEWELRY, founded by a Brazilian immigrant, Sâmela Guimarães aka Sam, it's a mixed media jewelry brand for women with notable, unique, & anomalous personalities, the ones whose personal style becomes their art, Calita Studio makes jewelry to be an extension of their true selves. Her degree in Geography made her conscious about the planet and the environment so our materials are ethically and sustainably sourced. 
Designing through polymer clay, gemstones, and wire wrapping, Sam creates unique pieces inspired by nature, her Brazilian cultural influences, proving that good jewelry doesn't always just have to be confined to one material.


About Us

The Way It Should Be


Our goal is to inspire our customers and other brands to be more authentic to themselves and to cherish the world (and everything in it) by being fashion industry and style innovators and trendsetters.

We want our customers to feel proud of what they are wearing, for them to be stopped by strangers and complimented for their jewelry, for all of their outfits to be completed, and for the pieces they own to be passed down to their kids and maybe even their grandkids.

At Calita Studio, we understand the responsibility we have to our planet and our friends of this world. We may be a jewelry brand housed in the fashion space, but that doesn’t mean we subscribe to the unethical practices that have become the norm. Our goal is to be ethical and mindful in our creations, manufacturing, and sourcing. Committed to no waste and slowly handmade. 

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