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The Brand


The name Calita was my grandmother's nickname from the time she was a little girl. Herself the daughter of Spanish immigrants, she raised myself and my sister after raising twelve children on her own. She is the strongest and kindest woman I know, and it is her story that inspires me to tell mine.

I began making jewelry as a way to tell my own story to the new world around me. After immigrating from Brazil, I often felt a strong sense of homesickness. Or as we say in Portuguese, saudades. Making jewelry quickly became my way of reconnecting to the art, style and natural beauty of my country. Each collection is like a love letter to Brazil: its forests, its beaches, its rivers and its people.


I believe jewelry can evoke positive transformation in everyone and everywhere. I believe that the shapes and colors provided by nature grounds us, and let us feel confident enough to open our inner selves to the world. When we look good, we feel good!

Calita Studio's ultimate mission is to build a community of creative people who are constantly looking for ways to better express themselves. We value those who value the earth, and those who care about adorning themselves without regard for fads and trends. If you want to bring out your inner style, Calita Studio hopes to inspire you to tell your story.


Com amor, do coração do Brasil - With love, from the heart of Brazil.

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